Why Planning Your Pre-wedding Photoshoot is Important

Spending a romantic day with your partner to get spontaneous and natural photos before your wedding is not only a pleasant experience, but also brings many advantages. A photo session with your wedding photographer will give you the necessary information to know if he is the professional you are looking for. Unfortunately, most couples who are soon to get married usually miss this opportunity and end up ruining their photo session. To avoid such occurrences, we give you reasons why planning a pre wedding photoshoot Singapore is important.

omurden cengiz BlKIiqK H78 unsplash

  1. Meet and establish a connection

It is vital that when taking photos during your pre-wedding shoot, there is rapport with the photographer. This is assuming you intend to use the same photographer for your wedding day. This will help you feel relaxed and more confident to do the photo poses required. The photographer will learn how the couple interacts and use that knowledge to get the best photos. The chemistry will become clearer and will help to set up unique moments even when not being shot on pictures. In addition to this, you will feel secure if, on the day of your wedding, the one that enters your privacy while you prepare is someone you have met, laughed and had a good time taking photos previously.

  1. Discover what you like and what not

Some couples may worry about the photographer’s abilities to create the scenarios they have in mind. With a quick session before the pre-wedding shoot, you can evaluate the photographer’s skills and see if everyone is on the same page. You will have the opportunity to see what the photographer will give you on the same day, which will make you feel confident that you will get what all of you have planned.

  1. Know what you are comfortable with

If you are one of those people who do not like to pose in photos, a session with the photographer before the pre-wedding shoot will make you feel much more secure and calm. Also, the photographer can give you advice on how to pose so that the photos are perfect. You don’t need to wear party costumes or pretend to get married. The essential thing is to be yourself.

  1. Photos to share before the wedding

Once you have gone through with the pre-wedding shoot, these photos allow you to have pictures to use before the wedding day. You can use them to send invitations to your friends and family members. Having photos from a pre-wedding session will make your wedding invitation feel more exciting and interesting.

  1. A fun day as a couple

Normally, these sessions are scheduled for a maximum of one or two days. You will be spending this time also with your loved one and get the short break needed under a relaxing setting.



When you find a good pre-wedding photographer, the session will be a day of fun and joy. The photographer will capture you in different attitudes and situations expressing different emotions. Choose several different pieces of clothing and different hairstyles to have a variety of styles in the images. All this will contribute to a beautiful memory to keep through your married life.

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