Hot Tips for Spicing Up Your LDR

Long-distance relationships can be a real tease, can’t they? And if we’re being honest, LDRs suck! So how can you keep the fire burning when you won’t see your lover for a while? Is that even possible?

Here’s the secret sauce: keeping things flirty and sexual is your golden ticket to maintaining that intimate connection. So if you’re ready to keep the passion alive, here are a few tips.

Why is it Important to Keep the Flame Alive?

Keeping the heat turned up in a long-distance relationship builds a delicious sense of excitement and anticipation for when you finally get together again. Plus, when the physical and sexual side of your relationship goes on a long hiatus, it’s all too easy to start feeling more like just friends or, heaven forbid, roommates. Keeping things hot and spicy ensures that you stay connected on a deeper level and prevents that dreaded emotional drift. 

5 Tips to Spice Up Your Long-Distance Relationship

LDR sex toys couple scaled

1. Get Flirty Over Text

Sexting is a must for any LDR couple looking to keep things steamy. Don’t be afraid to get flirty and descriptive with your messages – tease each other about what you’d love to do together when you’re finally reunited. You could start by sending a suggestive selfie or describing the sexy lingerie you’re wearing underneath your work clothes. The anticipation will drive you both wild!

2. Explore New Couple Sex Toys Together

Why not take your intimacy to the next level by exploring some new sex toys for LDR together? Sex toys are one of the best ways couples can maintain intimacy and enhance their sexual experiences, especially when physical distance or routine threatens to dampen their connection. You could both order sex toys for couples online in Singapore and have a sexy unboxing date over video chat. Seeing and hearing your partner’s reactions as you play with the toy will be such a turn-on!

3. Get Steamy on Video Chat

Speaking of video chat, this is a must for keeping the spark alive among couples from a distance. Strip down for each other, put on a sexy show, and let your hands roam free. You can also reach for your favourite toy and let your partner watch how you enjoy yourself. If you’re feeling shy, you can start things off a little tamer by wearing something sexy to bed for your video call. Let one thing lead to another as you get more comfortable being intimate virtually.

4. Leave Sexy Surprises

long distance relationships sex toys for LDR scaled

Who doesn’t love receiving a flirty surprise from their lover? Even in an LDR, you could send a naughty note or package to your partner’s home or work address to keep them thinking about you. Get creative with games, liquor, lingerie, and more!

Want it to be low-key? You could slip a racy Polaroid or handwritten note into their luggage before you part ways again. Finding that later is sure to put a big smile on their face and give you both something to look forward to.

5. Plan an Intimacy-Filled Reunion

With all this buildup, you’ll want to make your next reunion extra hot! Plan some special activities for when you’re LDR is finally over, like booking a sexy hotel room or giving each other sensual massages. You could also pick out some new lingerie or couple sex toys to surprise your partner with. Maybe even make a sexy game of it where you take turns undressing each other or acting out a wildest fantasy.

Feeling a Little Frustrated?

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it can be incredibly frustrating to miss out on the sexual pleasure and intimacy that you both enjoy. However, it’s natural to crave the release and fulfilment of physical intimacy. Recognise that this frustration is a normal part of being in a long-distance relationship and not a reflection of the strength or depth of your connection.

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