A Look Into The History of Digital Locks In Singapore

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Modern digital locks look sleek with their digital displays and LED lighting. Yet, these sophisticated security systems have come a long way since their humble beginnings.

While digital locks have been around for over a century, they only gained their most useful features in the last few decades. Today, they are the first choice for home security in Singapore.

Let us look at the interesting past of digital locks. You may even realise these futuristic security devices are the perfect upgrade for your home! 

Early Versions of the Digital Lock

Digital locks may seem extremely modern, but the first one actually came out as early as 1873. Created by James Sargent, it was designed to open only at a specific time the user could set. 

In 1880, Sargent took his invention to the next level with an advanced time delay lock. However, it was only a century later in 1976 that inventor Tor Sornes came up with the first mechanical card lock. 

The Rise of Digital Upgrades for Home Locks

Today’s digital locks have come a long way since the works of Sargent and Sornes. Nowadays, they provide homeowners with even more convenience, value-add features, and most importantly, security.

For example, many digital locks are now keyless with various access modes to choose from. You can unlock your door by pressing a few buttons, tapping a card, or even with a passcode or fingerprint.

What’s more, some digital locks allow you to provide temporary one-off access for guests without giving them your passcode. This feature comes in handy if you need another person to fetch something you forgot at home, or if you are waiting for delivery personnel or contractors. If you have a regular cleaning service or other people coming to your home, you can also create temporary codes that work once. Certain digital locks will also allow you to monitor who’s using your codes on their linked mobile app.

Another useful feature is being able to deactivate entry during a certain period. For example, you may set the digital lock to remain locked late at night (even if someone enters the code) to guarantee you an uninterrupted rest.

Switch to Digital Locks Now for Enhanced Home Security

Digital locks have gone through several changes over the years to provide the utmost security for households worldwide. If you haven’t made the switch yet, the time to upgrade is now! 

If you Google ‘digital lock singapore’ on your browser, you will find many home security choices available. Remember to select the best brand of digital lock with unique features your household will enjoy using, as well as security features to give you peace of mind. Visit hoz.sg and choose from a wide range of digital locks for your home.

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