7 Specifications of a Hydraulic Cylinder

When building a cylinder or any machine with a piston subject to high pressure and with significant mass or inertia, it can become challenging to get the needed force. If that is the case, you should consider using hydraulic cylinders instead of a static mechanical device. Keep reading below to know more about these specs and what they mean for your design project!

1. Cylinder Type

To determine what type of cylinder to use, you must consider a few factors. You must select the type of cylinder (cylinder or ram) if it is single-acting or double-acting and if it is a right-hand or left-hand cylinder. These factors are all important because they will impact your machine’s performance. Double-acting cylinders are typically used to allow the piston to push and pull from both ends of the cylinder interior.

2. Stroke

Knowing how far the piston will travel in any given machine design is always good. It is essential because if you don’t have enough travel, it can make it difficult to do specific tasks or cause the hydraulic cylinder to break down. Remember that the stroke value will also vary depending on whether your cylinder is single-acting or double-acting.

3. Bore

The bore is another factor to consider. This value is measured in either nominal diameter or actual diameter. The bore is essential because the more significant the bore, the more force you can apply. That being said, if you want your cylinder to move at high speeds, you should use a larger bore. Therefore, if you want your cylinder to last, always select a bore with equal stroke.

4. Maximum Operating Pressure

When it comes to the operating pressure of your cylinder, you should select a value that is not greater than the maximum expected pressure. If the maximum expected pressure is higher than the normal operating pressure, unexpected problems could arise. It is essential to find the peak operating pressure of your hydraulic cylinder because you will be able to select a material that can handle average and maximum expected pressures.


5. Rod Diameter

The rod diameter is significant, and you should be sure to select the appropriate synthetic material that will not shatter or break apart from metal fatigue. If you use a rod with too small of a diameter, it could become stuck inside the cylinder. The rod diameter also affects the amount of force that any given cylinder can deliver.

6. Quality

The quality rating is critical because it gives you a general idea of how well your specific cylinder will work. The material is essential, and so are the process and the manufacturing. It can help you determine if your hydraulic cylinder has been subject to fatigue testing and has passed or if it has not been tested at all.

7. Size

Size is measured in inches and metrics; hence it depends on the size of the cylinder that you will choose. The size varies depending on the type of cylinder and the work you will be doing. If you plan on using a cylinder that requires a longer stroke, your choice may be limited to a smaller diameter.

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