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Why the social media consultancy necessary for every business?

Now, the social media incorporated everywhere and the companies are climbing to discover the consultants who can support them in this new field. Of course, today many bigger or smaller companies are willing to hire an expert who can make a viable strategy for the social media management. In today’s world, the media consultancy having a dynamic presence in the different online groups and them easily promotes your products or services to your target clients.

On the other hand, your organization’s constant success can be decided by its ability to leverage various social medial tools for improving the marketing, sales and customer service. With a great support of the skilled consultant, this latest business job can be made simpler as well as more effective. When it comes to finding the right social media expert, you have to hire the consultant with corporate experience. You should also make sure that the consultant has a sufficient knowledge of how businesses work as well as ensure to look for these qualities too:

  • Must have minimum 5 years of marketing experience in a corporate environment

  • Portfolio of previous engagement

  • Verifiable references

  • Proven brand in different online groups like LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, Facebook page and Google Plus profile

Things to consider while hiring social media consulting services

Today, each business is concerned on growing its online presence. Using the best social media consultancy services is simply a great way to obtain the best out of this new uprising. According to the reports, over 70% of internet marketers are going to improve their social media marketing budget. When you are hiring the social media consultants, you have to consider a few important things that can really support you to choose the ideal consulting company.

  • The initial thing you should ask a media consulting company is that whether they have any profit and loss responsibility in previous.

  • You have to find out whether the consultant has an return on investment mindset or not

  • You need to check the past reports done by the company and make sure they are worthy to handle your company promotion works.

  • Another important thing you want to make sure about social media consulting is to discover whether social media is their main business or not

  • The next thing to consider is to make sure that they should explain what they will be doing in a rational way

Benefits of social media consultancy services

The social media consultancy services can always make you a professional campaign and produce the excellent results much quicker than you will ever be able to do it yourself. When compared to using the various Seo methods, these social media experts can achieve the faster results. All you need to know that the good choice to make is to select a specialist provider and achieve the best results as fast as possible. You can also want to take into consideration that the price of a campaign will be very lower and its turnaround time is very shorter as well.


Benefits Of Poster Printing Singapore

Poster printing is certainly an effective and popular marketing tool used by many companies and retailers to promote your company, products or events. Printed posters provide the best results thanks to good design and high print quality. You can significantly influence your target audience if you create and print a well-designed poster that catches the viewer’s attention and shows a positive response to your message. Here are some tips to help you in the creative process of the poster design:

Targeting the audience

A beautifully designed poster will not give you the desired results if it has not been designed to accommodate your target audience. Search to see who our readers are and what they need and where they will see your poster. This information is necessary when you specify factors such as poster size, subject, graphic elements, message, and configuration. Make your target group a top priority in the creative process, and the poster will be a success.

Specifications of labels

After you search for your target audience and feel that you know what you need, you need to specify the specifics of your poster. You must decide the size of the poster before the start of the project. Other factors to consider are whether the poster will be hung from the inside, whether outside or without a frame. Do you want to use eco-friendly paper or finishes, such as UV or water, to protect the printed label and make it more environmentally friendly?


Posters are a medium that is best suited to delivering a simple message. Just because the message is simple does not mean it cannot be strong. Just remember that you do not want to clutter up your poster with too small copies that will not be read. Store it on the bases and get a sensible message or idea that relates to the recipients. The “call to action” task in many areas of advertising and poster design is no exception. Regardless of whether you are selling a product or promoting a concert, you have to force the readers to act.


Using striking images or illustrations is a very important element in the design of posters. Even print items can add a reference when used correctly. It is important to keep the optical balance when using graphic elements. Try a few picture arrangements and type to see which combination has the most impact.


It would be a pity to create a characteristic poster design just to get fewer results than the stars because of poor print quality. Complete the poster design with a renowned printing company. Compare services, quality, and prices before choosing a printer to design a label.


poster printing singapore is a great way to sell messages to customers without spending a lot of money. By using the correct printed poster format, you can have a lasting impact on people who see it. The right poster can be the payment you need to attract new customers or visitors. Printing labels about perfection is the ultimate goal that every businessman wants to achieve at any time, but if it can not be easily achieved, we can somehow achieve its perfect condition. You can not make the slightest mistake in printing labels if you are already interested in your project and carefully analyze your choices before making any decisions. You can achieve this by knowing the things that will allow you to print posters close to perfection.



Established in 2010, Singapore Enrich Group Pte Ltd is a Publishing and Media Consultancy which recognizes Small Medium Enterprises’ (SMEs) and entrepreneurs’ success in communication product quality, services and brand goodwill to general consumers and clients.

SEG also strives to achieve long term returns by providing excellent service and solution to our new and existing clients. We continuously uphold our core competency through state of the art facilities – managing design and editorial studios, business development and training centre as well as corporate communication agency. Through the various channels, SEG aims to deliver reputable media content and service reaching out to the customers across the nation.

SEG has initiated numerous awards and publication such as Singapore Excellence Award, Asia Excellence Award, Singapore Entrepreneurs’ Award (Chinese Edition), Singapore Business Quality Award and Singapore Quality Brands to recognize and honour the SME’s and entrepreneurs’ success. SEG also had sign numerous collaboration with its partners to enhance the value and benefits for the recipients.

Since its inception, SEG and its members have been actively contributing back to the society through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We together with our members also participate in numerous Charity drives and community events.


To accelerate and build Entrepreneurship spirits among new generations of business leaders. To feature the success stories of business owners among the SMEs who had done incredibly well in breaking through the surreal in life which give impetus to the economy of Singapore. To launch a series of bona fides prints and online media for our readers.


To grow internationalism that touches a large market which stimulate the local and regional economics as a captain of its business branding.

Nightlife in Singapore

One of the smallest countries in the world, Singapore could also be considered one of the most interesting and exciting places to visit. On the surface, it may seem like a collection of shiny glass towers, but the ex-British colony city-state offers excitement, history and loads of fun.

Singapore is a very safe city, walking around at 3 am won’t leave you feeling scared or rattled and it makes for a truly unique place to enjoy the nightlife. During the day the city goes about its daily grind, but when the sun goes down the best parts of the city come to life, and there are plenty of things to do late at night in Singapore. You can hire a singapore asian escort for some fun or choose from any of the following –

Idea’s for starting your night in Singapore

The Singapore Flyer: it’s a super luxurious version of the London Eye ferris wheel, offering breathtaking views of Singapore’s world-class skyline in a VIP club style gondola, open until 10:30 pm

Gardens by the Bay: 250 acres of parks and gardens with light and music shows, glass conservatories and the beautiful 22-meter high Supertree Grove lighted tree sculptures. Open until 2 am.

Bugis Night Market: for the market lovers this one is a must, it’s one of the biggest markets in Singapore and one of the cheapest as well. You’ll find everything from clothing to electronics and plenty of street food. The 800 plus shop market is open until 10 pm.

Nightlife in Singapore

Clarke Quay: one of the best known night spots in Singapore, bustling with restaurants, clubs and bars on the riverfront. Its popularity cannot be understated, if you’re looking to show off your dance moves then this is the place to go, catering to every musical taste.

Marina Bay Sands: is the iconic 3 tower complex with the breathtaking rooftop infinity pool, the 57th-floor houses the mega cool CE LA VI rooftop bar and if that’s not enough, you can try your luck at the 24 hour Marina Bay Sands Casino.

Zouk: for over two decades this venue has been home to arguably the best club scene in Singapore. Guetta, Chemical Brothers and Tiesto have all spun here. Zouk is a converted warehouse with 3 connecting zones which are essentially their own clubs, each with their own unique vibe.