4 People That Compose an SEO Agency Singapore

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There are a lot of people that compose an SEO Agency in Singapore. You know that you would want to do business with one in order to get your business to the next level. There are a lot of people you will deal with and when the agency is good, each one of those professionals are excellent. Here are some of the people that normally compose an SEO Agency Singapore:

Content Writer

The writer’s task is to write articles after being given a keyword. The keyword will normally be mentioned in the title and the article. The client will sometimes ask the keyword to be mentioned numerous times in an article. However, it would be smart to not overdo that as Google is too smart for that. The writer will proofread his work several times in order to avoid any grammatical issues. You know it would be embarrassing when someone reads the article and it does not make a whole lot of sense. The writer must research interesting topics that are related to the keywords. There is a chance that the writer will run out of topics so the next thing to do would be to write about some articles in a different manner.

Link Builder

The link builder’s task is to put links on the writer’s articles to the website of the company. The more articles there are, then the more work the link builder gets. This person will also see how good the writer’s articles are since Google penalizes articles that are badly written. It is a good thing there is a program that would immediately identify all the Grammatical errors but sometimes they don’t apply when the keywords must be mentioned without the prepositions in between them.

IT Consultant

The IT person’s tasks is to make sure the Internet is always working. When the Internet is out, nobody will be able to work. There are times when the Internet goes out and it is just because of a minor issue. It is the job of the IT professional to figure out what happened there and to fix it right away so that everything will go back to normal.

Social Media Manager

The social media manager will manage all the social media accounts of the clients including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When there are people who message the accounts, the social media manager will have to answer all those inquiries. Yes, the client must not have the impression that he is talking to a bot. The social media manager must not let any client waiting as nobody would want to wait long.

In conclusion, all the above professionals work for an SEO Agency Singapore and all of them have a vital role for the company. If one is absent, then the rest are in deep trouble. When the SEO Agency Singapore is pretty well-known, you can expect all the above workers to be above average. They know how to do their work properly in order to get good customer reviews out of their clients.